Large Hadron Collider goes online; world surprisingly un-ended.

Last night, scientists at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) flipped the switch, sending a super-fast stream of protons around the sprawling 27KM particle accelerator. Research done at the LHC is supposed to reveal all kinds of interesting things, like the origin of all matter in the universe. It has also been widely speculated that the LHC could create mini-black holes that would swallow up the earth, or some other such experimental physics-related calamity. As you will note, the world is still more or less intact as of this morning.

Still, I must admit I half expected to wake up this morning to a grim post-apocalyptic world infested by demons from another dimension. See also:

Too bad. I was looking forward to nailing some Cacodemons with a chainsaw. Ah well. I guess there's still time.