Idiot of the week: Dana Larsen

Dana Larsen is a moron. The erstwhile NDP candidate ended his campaign yesterday, after a series of drug videos featuring Larsen were discovered. I use the word 'discovered' loosely, since anyone with an internet connection and google could have found them.

Go here to watch Larsen smoke pot and drive around. For an hour and a half.

Larsen is not an idiot because he does drugs, or lobbies for the legalization of marijuana. That stuff is pretty light weight, and doesn't overly impugn his intelligence. His short term memory, maybe. He is slightly more of an idiot for smoking pot and driving. But here's what takes the dumbass cake for Larsen: he was undone by what is ultimately the most irritating thing about many habitual drug users.

He is so very, very boring.

A common misconception among drug users is that they are fascinating to others. And, that everyone is really interested in their experience with whatever intoxicant they happen to be on. Watching Dana Larsen get high and talk about being high is not interesting. It's like being murdered with a tiny little knife. You know how when somebody says "I had this crazy dream last night..." and you know you're in for an extremely boring next few minutes? Multiply this by a thousand, and you get an idea of what it's like to watch Larsen prattle on about how "fried" he is.

So, to recap: Larsen's political career was destroyed by his inability to recognize his own dullness. The videos that forced his resignation need never have existed, because they are totally without value, merit or entertainment. If he had kept his drug use to himself, he would still be in the race.

IGood riddance to bad rubbish. And as an extra bonus, we don't need to worry about an elected official being high on acid while voting on important legislation.