Denver police t-shirt: celebrating the abuse of coercive force

No sooner do I post a "sorry about not blogging" entry, than I find something I really, really have to share. Thank you, Denver Police Department:

Yes, the Denver Police love violating constitutional rights so much, they will drag their surly carcasses out of bed an hour early to do it. Golf claps, everyone. Golf claps.

It never ceases to amaze me that, in this age of Internets, people fail to recognize that their inappropriate in-joke will be found, blogged and relentlessly mocked. Also, that some police somehow think "beating" is funny.

I really hope someone has to issue a tail-between-the-legs apology for this one. I'll bring the popcorn. Actually, I've developed a jalapeno-flavoured popcorn variant just for public shamings. I call it "popscorn".

Image via BoingBoing.