All aboard the atheist bus!

Finally. Public transportation I can get behind.

A bunch of genius Brits have launched a campaign to raise about $12,000 to place pro-atheist advertising on the side of London buses. And, they reached their goal in something like an hour. So, starting in January, commuters in will be treated to this rather warm, inobtrusive message (the photo above is a mock-up).

Now, if you are a religious person, the first mistake would be to perceive this as an assault on your beliefs. Not so. Religious advertising- not to mention overt signals of faith- are everywhere. This is just an attempt by those who aren't religious to claim a bit of the public sphere for themselves.

And if you happen to be an atheist...awesome bus ad high five!

If you'd still like to donate, go here. If they raise more money, they can extend the reach of their ad campaign. And thanks to MN for the link.