Watch Joe Biden be interviewed by an idiot

Watch what happens when a local news anchor asks Smilin' Joe questions apparently written by McCain flacks:

I think Biden shows an impressive amount of restraint here, and his response at 1:05 is gold. For her part, this anchor seems to believe that 'journalism' is a mishmash of discredited smears and a tenuous grasp of Marxism, Sweden, and indeed, reality. Here's the dead giveaway:

"Isn't Senator Obama's comment a potentially crushing political blunder?"

No, but if you believe hard enough, and use enough purple language, maybe it will be in some magical fairyland.

This is an evocative reminder that their are two basic types of journalists in the world: the basically intelligent, who demonstrate at least the rudiments of inquisitive thought, and the 'actors', who do their best gravitas impression but are actually morons.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the second variety.