Month of the moustache

Well, it's the time of year again. The time when stalwart men the world over bravely sacrifice their appearance, their romantic relationships, and any chance of career advancement. They endure the ceaseless mocking  of their peers. It is the time of year when when men grow moustaches. Yes, Movember has arrived.

For those of you who don't know, Movember is a yearly charity event that raises money for Prostate Cancer research. How? The concept is fiendishly simple. Man X grows a moustache. Man X's family and friends sponsor said moustache. Money is raised, celebrations are convened, and Man X looks like an idiot.

I was a proud participant of Movember last year, and I am very glad to be doing it again. Since my current moustache is in its delicate embryo phase, I will spare it the horrors of public exposure for now. Instead, here's a pic of my 'stache from 2007:

As it turns out, crazy eyes are a side effect of moustache growth. Starting next Monday, you can peep my new mo' here at Nunc Scio.

Movember raises money for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada, a group working hard to improve awareness of Prostate Cancer and support prevention, treatment and the search for a cure. Every year around 24,700 Canadian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 4,300 die of the disease, making it the number one cancer threat to Canadian men. It also has some pretty serious personal significance for me. Prostate cancer has hit my family in a very serious way. And as a direct blood descendent of a Prostate Cancer survivor, there's a good chance I will have my own tussle with the disease as I get older.

So, of you would like to support my moustache with a small donation, please go here. As an added bonus, you get to make fun of my moustache all month long. So long as you've donated, I will absorb your abuse with good-natured aplomb. Or, if you prefer, I'll cry like a little girl. I'm here for you.

Please, donate if you are able. You can't find two better causes to support: Prostate Cancer research, and Graeme looking like a moron.