Nunc Scio's daily links - 11/06/08

I'm testing a new feature on Nunc Scio- a 'daily links' section that highlights stories that, while interesting, may not deserve a full-on post. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this feature, please leave them in the comments. Let's see what's on tap today:

  • Now the recession is serious. The world's largest Lamborghini dealership goes bust.
  • At least one woman in Chicago tragically misapprehends the significance of the Obama victory.
  • A new bike lock spatters thieves with paint if they cut it. Take that, losers! You may have my bike, but you'll have to buy new pants!
  • Apparently, stretchin before a workout or playing sports is actually a really bad idea.
  • This toaster will burn the image of Darth Vader into your bread. I find your lack of marmalade disturbing.
  • The Prime Minister of Italy just called Obama "young, handsome and tanned." You stay classy, Silvio.

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