First family-elect get super cool nicknames

The Secret Service has a longstanding tradition of giving the POTUS (President of the United States) and his family a cool nickname. Kennedy was "Lancer". Ronald Reagan was "Rawhide". Lyndon Johnson was...uh, "Volunteer". OK, so most of the nicknames were cool. Anyways, the Obamas now have their very own callsigns:

  • Barack = Renegade
  • Michelle = Renaissance
  • Malia = Radiance
  • Sasha = Rosebud

Not to be left out, Smilin' Joe Biden and wife also have tags: "Celtic" and "Capri".Not as cool as Renegade, but they did win the NBA last year. And everyone loves short pants.

Of course, all of these are better than my Secret Service nickname any day: "Who?"