Nunc Scio's daily links - 11/10/08

It's gettin' cold outside. So why not stay warm with some tasty miscellany?

  • An eight-year old boy is charged with a double homicide. One of the victims was his father. Wait, what?
  • Obama: beloved by the young folks. Also, the President-Elect plans to move fast. Hello stem cell research, goodbye wilderness drilling.
  • Residents of the The Maldives will beging setting aside money to buy a new homeland. If global warming continues at the current rate, the island chain is expected to disappear beneath rising ocean waters.
  • Battle monks! With video!
  • Happy Birthday, Windows. Twenty-five years later, Mac is still way better.
  • Teaser reports are already hitting the net over the new Star Trek trailer. Explosions! Scottish accents! Topless Uhura (maybe)!
  • Swim with angry crocodiles in Australia. For some reason.
  • Amazing new Terminator 4 concept art is now up. There's a motorcycle terminator, and a four-storey tall killer called "The Harvester". Yes, please.

Leave any other tasty morsels in the comments.