Queen's University cancels Homecoming

After several years of rowdy celebrations and at least one near-riot, Queen's University has cancelled its annual Homecoming celebrations for at least the next two years. There will now be a quieter 'mini-Reunion' held in the spring. You can read the Queen's press release here. Now, Queen's is my alma mater, and I had many a good night during homecoming. But it's clear something needed to be done about the growing instability of the celebration. It damaged relations between the school and the neighbouring community, and could eventually lead to serious injury or loss of life. And people need to take responsibility for their actions. And if they don't, then they shouldn't be surprised when the powers-that-be crack down. But I'm just sorry that an important part of Queen's tradition has been snuffed out by a herd of drunken idiots, and a university admin apparently unable to cope with them.

Of course, as my friend and fellow alum MN pointed out, the people who really suffer are the actual alumni who actually want to catch up with old friends and not drink their faces off and burn cars. Homecoming was more than a party for them. It was a way to connect with an important part of their past. Well, no longer.

So long, Homecoming. I hope you'll be back, but I suspect you probably won't. Next up: next year's epic protest party.