Early signs George Lucas has no idea what he's doing

Apparently, If Lucas had his way, Han Solo would be married to a Wookie.

The revelation comes straight from the source, the official Star Wars website. Discussing the 30th anniversary of the ill-starred Star Wars Christmas Special, writer Lenny Ripps recalls:

To me, it didn't come together. The ideas were all right but I'm not sure that they belonged in the same room. What was interesting to me was that Lucas started talking about Star Wars as if it was a real world. He said things like "Well, you know Han Solo is married to a Wookiee. but we can't say that." Now that was 20 years ago [in 1998], so my memory may be wrong.

But his story is actually corroborated by Starwars.com's Ross Plesset:

As outrageous as Ripps's recollection sounds, there is evidence supporting it. Pat Proft corroborates it and an early draft of the Star Wars script (January 28, 1975) has Han Solo living with a furry female creature who he kisses. Proft also remembers learning that Han was raised by Wookiees, which is verified on pages 46 & 131 of Laurent Bouzereau's Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays.

Needless to say, a Solo-Wookie union would be totally stupid. It's official: George Lucas should never make another movie again.