Nunc Scio's daily linkatrope - 11/25/08

It's my birthday. How will the world celebrate? Canada


  • The Kuwaiti government just resigned. That's right, the whole thing.
  • Remember when the Indian Navy said they sunk that "Pirate Mothership"? Not so much.
  • Russia and Venezuela hold joint naval exercises. I would say something about birds of a feather flocking together, but that works better for air force-related stories.
  • Italian far-right politicians offer cash to parents who name their kids after Mussolini.

Science & Tech

  • The amazing push-up lizard. He must be doing the 100 push-up challenge too.
  • The urine recycler on the International Space Station is fixed. Ah, the glamour of space exploration.
  • YouTube has gone widescreen.
  • Remember how people used to get the Plague from rats? Those furry vermin have come up with something new to make us sick.
  • What's better than a submarine? A flying submarine. Let the Navy/Air Force backbiting commence!
  • Jetpacks! World records! The future is now!

Pop Culture