Rae to drop out of leadership race

Now I've seen everything. Combative, recalcitrant Bob Rae will stand aside and allow Michael Ignatieff to assume control of the Liberal Party of Canada. Somebody either made a pretty convincing case as to why his deferral would be best for the party, or - more likely - was given one heck of a sweetheart deal.

So, Iggy it is. I've got to think this is the end of the Coalition...Ignatief was never a vocal supporter, and has been running away from it ever since Parliament was prorogued.

Also: is it me, or is Canada playing pretty fast and loose with 'democracy' right now? An economic statement that was really a partisan hatchet-job, a proposal for an unlikely and problematic Coalition government, and now the virtual coronation of a Party leader....this is all looking a bit sketchy to me. I remember a time, about, oh, six weeks ago when major political decisions were still being made by voters. Those were the days.