Halo Wars: have a cup of awesome with your wicked cool

I have been terribly, terribly remiss in waiting this long to post on Halo Wars, aka Halo 4. But now that the game has an official release date (March 3, 2009), I thought it was high time I get something on Nunc Scio. Unlike the previous three games, Halo Wars is a real-time strategy game. So, instead of controlling one character, you get to command an entire army. As Martha Stewart would say, were she a UNSC Marine battling Convenant Elites an a frozen planet, "it's a good thing."

The game is set 20 years before the original trilogy, so we won't be seeing much (or anything) of the Master Chief. But there will be a lot more tanks. And flying machines. And explosions.

There are some interesting articles circulationg about the game. But for my money, the best one is on IGN. Plenty of gameplay and story insight, and some nice screencaps.

To conclude, here's the trailer:

Awesome. And by the way, every time I watch the trailer, this happens.