Nunc Scio's week that was

New feature time! Taking my cue from some big-time bloggers, I'll be posting a weekly roundup of most-read stories and exciting events here at the Nunc. So, without further ad0... Pretty quiet around the ol' blog this week. As I waited with baited breath for the results of the Canadian Blog Awards (still waiting), here's what you were reading on the site:

  1. Why Canada has fallen off its political high horse.
  2. A new trailer hints at the awesomeness of Terminator: Salvation
  3. Bob Rae hands the Liberal crown to Michael Ignatieff. I am confused by this, and a little bored.

And, in case you missed it, Department of Culture's Michael and I had an comment argument about the Coalition government, grassroots organizing, and which one of us was more smug. Fun, fun!