Nunc Scio FTW!


For the second year in a row, Nunc Scio has won Best Non-Partisan Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards. To honour this achievement, here is Nunc Scio's official anthem, which I may or may not have stolen from Top Gun:


Aw, yeah. That's the stuff. Nunc Scio also came in fourth in the "Best Political Blog" category, which isn't bad considering 56 blogs were nominated. All in, a good year for Nunc Scio at the CBAs.

Crucial thanks to:

Rest assured, there will be no resting-on-laurels here. Nunc Scio will continue to bring the weird, the enraging, and the interesting into 2009 and beyond. And, there might be some fun additions to the site. Podcast? Sure! Video? Probably! Stay tuned, friends, and thanks so much for coming back.