The First Family hates Christmas

That's the only explanation I can come up with for this:  

This video is awful/awesome/awful again by viture of a totally unique combination of a terrible concept (a dog in the Olympics? Lame), poor production values, and the surprisingly wooden performances of the Bush Family. Did the opening zoom-in on the White Houes, apparently shot from 200 miles away in suburban Baltimore, really need to be 10 seconds long? And what was with Jenna draped all over the lap of her new hubby like some pastiche of 1960s era Playboy mise en scene? Weird. However, to be fair, this is clearly the performance of Rear Admiral Stephen W. Rochon's career.

Heh. Rear Admiral.

So, between this crime against video and  his deft shoe-dodging, President Bush is sort of breaking even on this week. Also, if Laura Bush takes any more Paxil, she's going to legally belong to GlaxoSmithKline.