Things that enrage me: inattentive service edition

One of the top entries on my long and ever-growing list of pet peeves is ordering food or some other service, and then being forced to repeat myself because the person taking my order couldn't simultaneously hold three pieces of information in their brain. So, imagine my rage when I tried to order lunch today and this happened: Surly Waitress: Can I help you?

Me: Yes, I'd like a Tuna Sandwhich on Rye, please.

Surly Waitress: What type of sandwich?

Me: Tuna.

Surly Waitress: On what bread?

Me: Rye.

Surly Waitress begins to cut bread. After a few seconds, she speaks again.

Surly Waitress: You wanted tuna?

Me: Yes.

Surly Waitress: Mayo or butter?

Me: Just Mayo, please.

Surly Waitress: Anything else?

Me: Lettuce, and a few pickles on the side.

Surly Waitress: With Mayo?

Me: Yes.

Surly Waitress: And Tuna?

Me: For the love of god, yes.

I probably wouldn't get so uptight about this were it not for the fact that remembering my order for 3 minutes is this women's entire job. Ridiculous.