Republican shocked, shocked about outrage over racist song

Champion moron and candidate for the RNC chairman Chip Saltsman (also: what grown man calls himself  "Chip"?) has been distributing copies of the song "Barack the Magic Negro" to support his campaign. Here's a sample of this supremely unfunny and entirely racist 'satire', written by some white, racist hack named Paul Shankman:

Nice one, Chipster. Like every veiled bigot, you've managed to fatally overreach and scupper your chances to be RNC Chair. While the Republican Party is the last, great citadel of privileged white men, they are smart enough to know which way the wind is blowing. This kind of race-baiting is no longer a viable political strategy. Prepare to be set adrift, Chip. You're too stupid for office, and not clever enough to charm a Republican Party reeling under its own ponderous irrelevance.