Top 10 posts of 2008

montaukmonster Happy New Year, all. In the spirit of this time of annual reflection, and the innumerable "best of..." posts cluttering up the blogosphere, here the most popular entires on Nunc Scio in 2008:

10. Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Greyhound Bus Victim's Funeral

9. GI Joe Movie Shows of its Assets

8. Chuck Klosterman on the Tom Brady Effect

7. Genius Video Explains TTC Strike, A Lot More Besides

6. I Bet Greyhound is Starting to Regret This Ad

5. Nude Model Solidarity, Italian Style (note to self: putting 'nude' in the title = Internet love)

4. CBC Ditches the Hockey Night in Canada Theme

3. Breaking: Is the "Georgia Gorilla" really Bigfoot?

2. Georgia Bigfoot: Photos and Doubts

And now, the semi-decomposed cryptid that stole your hearts:

1. The Montauk Monster

Hmm. The top three are all cryptozoology stories. Just goes to show...the interwebs love mysterious beasts. I know I do.