Joe the Plumber to become war correspondent

joetheplumber Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, aka "Joe the Plumber", is heading to Israel to cover the conflict with Hamas. Oh good. That should be edifying.

Wurzelbacher will be reporting for conservative website PajamasTV, apparently more interested in trading its credibility for a little exposure through a political gimmick from a failed presidential campaign than, you know, the 'news'.

The erstwhile plumber says he wants to let "Israel's Average Joes' share their story." He seems to think that a shared averageness will allow for a more genuine connection, despite the notable barriers of language, religion, culture, history and geography.

Of course, this kind of logic is the same that gave us Sarah Palin: the odd view that only people who are exactly the same can meaningfully understand one another. Joe the War Correspondent belongs alongside statements like "I'm a redneck soccer mom. Sarah Palin is a redneck hockey mom. Therefore, she is the only candidate that understands me."

I always thought insight came through intelligence, intellectual curiousity, and, you know, reading books and junk. But I guess I'm just old fashioned.


Photo by Rona Proudfoot.