The case of the mysterious damaged wind turbine

The UK media are scratching their collective noggins over how a Lincolnshire wind turbine sustained serious damage: damagedturbine

Speculation is rampant over the culprit. Metal fatigue, falling ice from an airplane, lightning or even a meteorite have all been proposed as explanations. A spokesman for Ecotricity, owner of the turbine, said that whatever caused the damage was "probably the size and weight of a cow".

One potential explanation getting a lot of media traction: the turbine was struck by a UFO. Residents reported seeing strange lights the night of the incident, and aliens are notorious for their dislike of wind.

The UFO explanation rings hollow for two reasons. First, the Guardian is reporting that the lights were merely fireworks from a local birthday celebration. Second, I find it difficult to believe aliens who possess the ability to travel through the vast and dangerous expanse of space somehow lack the technology to avoid a giant spinning blade mounted on a tower in the middle of a field.

I think the cow hypothesis deserves more attention. If the English countryside is beset by a plague of flying bovines, the public has a right to know.

I'm sure somebody will come up with a decent explanation soon. And in the meantime, here's footage of a Danish turbine malfunctioning and cutting itself in half. Wind power: safe and reliable.