Aircraft carrier envy

On Saturday, former PM Brian Mulroney got to watch the launch of the world's largest aircraft carrier, the $5.6 billion USS George H.W. Bush. Mulroney was invited by the Bush family, presumably as reward for his buddy-buddy antics in the early '90s. A nice gesture, certainly. But I wonder if there isn't a little schoolyard politics at work here. To me, the invite has an element of "Hey man, look at this giant ship named after me. It can level a small country in 20 minutes. What kind of cool stuff is named after you? Nothing? Oh."

Ouch. Way to rub it in.

This is akin to that cool kid on my block who actually owned the giant GI Joe aircraft carrier, the USS Flagg.


He would invite me over to see it, but never let me actually play with it. This, despite the fact I had a Skystriker in desperate need of a maritime landing facility.

Of course, the Skystriker was about 1/3 the length of the Flagg. If anything like real physics were applied to their relationship, the jet would either shoot right off the end of the deck into the unforgiving sea or crash through the hull sending many a hapless action figure to a watery grave.

None of these things mattered to my eight-year-old self. I wanted to play with the Flagg so bad. That kid was a jerk. Just like former President Bush is a jerk. I feel your pain, Brian. I feel your pain.