Lee Marvin to the rescue!

I was in Shoppers Drug Mart last night, and I happened by their bargain DVD rack. On it was a single copy of Chuck Norris' 1986 actioner The Delta Force. This film has one of the strangest DVD covers I have ever seen:


First of all, both Chuck and Lee Marvin are holding bazookas, a weapon that became obsolete in the 1950s. If the Delta Force is as awesome as we have been led to believe, then you'd think they'd have some nicer gear. Moreover, a bazooka is typically fired from the shoulder position, not from the hip as illustrated hear. I mean, Chuck Norris is awesome and everything, but a recoil-induced broken arm will reduce anyone's combat effectiveness.

Second: poor, poor Lee Marvin. He looks about 150 in this photo, and is still being forced to heft a six kilogram rocket launcher and fire it from an incorrect, ulna-crunching angle. Also: why is Lee Marvin in the Delta Force? I thought they were supposed to be elite and awesome, not old and drunk. If I were a hostage on a hijacked 707, and I saw Lee Marvin wheezing to my rescue followed by a right-wing weirdo with a mullet and a beard, I'd just shoot myself and save the terrorists the trouble.

So yeah. Weird cover.