Guest Post: Let Phelps live his life

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I do not do drugs. Sure, I take in substances that are kinds of drugs — alcohol, caffeine, etc. — but in the generally accepted use of the word, no. That's a choice I made. But had I gone the other way, I certainly wouldn't want anyone getting all up in my business about it (you know, barring the descent into complete, life- and family-ruining addiction).

So it really busts my nut to hear about the current hoopla surrounding Michael Phelps. Come on, people, he's 23. Are we really surprised that he smokes a little weed (or "cannabis" from a

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"glass pipe")? It's not like he's at the Olympics. Or even doing it in public. I understand that he's a role model, but let's cut the guy a little slack. He's also human (OK, so maybe that's debatable).

People who are shocked by this not only need a reality check, they also need to stay out of other people's personal business. The athletic world has rules, and athletes need to play by them. But life is another story. And I fail to see how chastising Phelps for something that has nothing to do with his career does anyone any good.

On the other hand, the story has produced some great headlines.