Dick Cheney: still evil

You've got to hand it to Dick Cheney. This is not a man who does anything halway. Too bad for us his main focus remains being a scary old cyborg. The former VP gave an interview to Politico this week, where he claimed there was a "high probability" the USA would suffer a nuclear or biological attack becuase of Barack Obama's policies. Apparently, you can still be a vicious fear-monger even after leaving power.

What bothers me about this is not the total lack of evidence of the latex-thin logic in Cheney's statements. Rather, it's the fact that Cheney almost seems to want something like this to happen as some perverse justification of his administration's messed-up policies. He can't wait to point to some smoking hole in the ground and yell "See? SEE? I told you torture and human rights violations were the only thing holding the terrorists back!" And that's pretty crass.

Here's some advice to the American Media and Americans in general: ignore Dick Cheney. Perhaps if no one pays this twisted Sith lord any more attention, he will simply crawl back under the rock from whence he first emerged.