Toronto Metro: now 100% produced by slave labour

Daily free commuter paper "Metro" was never a quality publication. Re-purposed content, bad was not something to be read, but rather something to be avoided by any means necessary. And now, doubly so.

No doubt, you've heard the news that Metro (a Torstar property) laid off all of its full-time writers, and is now being produced solely by unpaid interns. Not only is that exploitative, but totally amateur hour. An internship is supposed to be a chance to gain real-world experience from talented mentors. The implication of this arrangement is that interns don't know what the Hell they are doing. So why does Metro think they can put out a quality publication using intern labour?

The short answer is they can't. And by even trying, they are now the laughingstock of the journalism world. Time to pack it in, folks.