This week in shameless self-promotion

It may shock you to learn that I am more than just an obsessive blogger. Not much more, but I do engage in some other activities here and there. In case you'd like to see me doing any of these activities (all PG, I assure you), I thought I'd put it all in one convenient blog post. WHERE TO CATCH GRAEME THIS WEEK:

  • TONIGHT! I'll be doing "Improvatron 3000" at the Bad Dog Theatre, with special guest Dan Levy. You know,  the host of The Hills After Show. Should be a fun time. Tickets are $5 at the door, and the ball gets rolling at 8PM.
  • TOMORROW (Friday, Feb. 20) I'm in "Travesty", also at the Bad Dog Theatre. This is an improvised, turn-of-the-century British 'drama'. I play a priest. It features some pretty kickass improvisers, and is much with the funny.

So there you go. Hope to see you there. And if I haven't met you yet, please come up and introduce yourself. I like meeting people who read my blog and/or come to my shows.