America is so not getting invited to my party.

OMG. Did you hear what America did? Globe and Mail was talking to her, and she totally told her that I'm only her second best friend. Like, WTF, right? I mean, I always give her all of my oil when I get it, and we're always borrowing each other's clothes and totally sharing a border and junk. And you just know she's all over my fresh water reserves. Britain? For realz? Just because she went to Iraq with her, like, once and talks all cool and has "euro" clothes (gay, right?). So lame. I can't even believe America says they are total BFF. They had two huge fights where they, like, wrecked each other's shit and totally spazzed out with muskets and stuff, and now they're besties?


America isn't coming to my party. She and Britain can just hang out and be lame at the movies or something. I'm totally going to make out with United Nations too, just to piss her off.