WANT: Pittsburgh Steelers commemorative ketchup

I love the Pittsburgh Steelers like a gifted, well-behaved child. I want all aspects of my life to somehow incorporate this love, from sleeping to romance to eating. And today, that dream is one step closer to coming true.

Some genius reached deep into my brain and lovingly rendered my desires in ketchup:

I give you the Heinz Commemorative Pittsbrugh Steelers Six Pack. Six bottles of tasty ketchup, each honouring one of Pittsburgh's awesome Super Bowl victories.

The only problem with this basket of awesomeness is deciding in what order to consume it. Do I go chonologically? Or do I start with the last-minute heroics of Super Bowl XLIII, the shoot-out styles of XIII, or the sketchy officiating of XL? Do I want a Bradshaw or Roethlisberger year on my hot dog?

Wait, what am I saying? This is going on the damn mantel. Thanks to HerHighnessness for the link.