Rock for the kids!


This is super cool.

A few good friends of mine (including the inimitable HerHighnessness) have put together a Rock Band video game fundraiser for the Sick Kids foundation.  It's going to be held on April 7th at Revival, and promises to be all kinds of awesome. Check out for information on how to register your band, donate, or attend.

Rock Band has been exceptionally good at making non-rocking schlubs like me feel like totally awesome rockstars. And now, it's going to raise some cash for a very worthy cause (thanks to the generosity of game . Since I'm kind of useless at Rock Band, I'll probably just be there to watch. But if you've got mad skillz, you should really round up a band and enter. And, the prizes aren't just based on ability. There will also be prizes for best costume, most money raised, and most enthusiastic band.

See you on the 7th!