Steve Martin is awesome

nuncscio_stevemartin There are a lot of reasons to like Steve Martin. He's funny. The Jerk was hilarious. His autobiography, Born Standing Up, is a good read and excellent audiobook. Cheaper By the Dozen notwithstanding, I'm a fan.

And this just makes me like him more.

A high school drama class in Oregon was all set to perform Martin's great play Picasso at the Lapin Agile. All set, that is, until a bunch of humourless moral fundamentalist fascist types objected to the play's content (which is PG at the worst). So, the show was banned by the school principal.

The student actors tried to find an off-campus venue to stage their show, but they had almost no money. Enter Mr. Martin. He's ponying up the cash to make sure the play gets produced. That's just downright decent. It strikes a blow against censorship, and helps out a bunch of kids who just wanted to put on a play.

Just for that, Steve, I'm declaring you Nunc Scio's hero of the week. I salute you, good sir.