Battlestar Galactica: The End

SPOILER ALERT! If you read this post, and you haven't seen the BSG finale, I'll ruin it for you. Dad, this means you. Seriously, stop reading right now. nuncscio_bsgio9

Well, the final episode of Battlestar Galactica has come and gone. I must admit to suffering from some serious anxiety in the hours leading up to the finale. Would it be good? Would it make sense? Would I like it?

The answers: mostly, sort of, and I think so, respectively.

Here are my observations, in no particular order:

  1. Awesome space battles are awesome. Ron D. Moore has apparently been saving his CGI budget for a special occasion, and blew it all in a glorious, 30 minute throw-down. Vipers! Raiders! Galactica ramming the Cylon Colony! Hot Dog! Yes, the finale truly had it all.
  2. Robot vs. Robot. The savage  new Centurion fight vs. old Centurion fight was cool. You can't deny it. Write this down: point-blank robot carnage is always a good thing.
  3. Lousy hippies. While it was a necessary device for the whole "they're our ancestors!" thing to work, I felt the nuts-to-technology settlement plan was a little odd. As one of my co-viewers aptly observed, it probably would have made more sense if some of the colonists decided to go native, while a small contingent decided to keep wandering the universe. Or something. Romo sort of voiced what the audience was thinking, but all-in-all, people seemed remarkably comfortable with setting off on a paleolithic Earth with some sandwiches and spare clothes.
  4. Starbuck is a ninja. I rather liked the idea that the reincarnated Kara Thrace was some kind of mystery being with low self-awareness. However, now-you-see-her-now-you-don't schtick was a little silly. At least show her walking into the sunset or something.
  5. The God Thing. After four years of prophecies, visions, and inexplicable coincidences, the writers didn't have much choice but to commit to the "unknown force, possibly God" conclusion. It made sense to the story, even if it didn't jive with my own flinty cosmology. People will no doubt be complaining about it, but I think I liked it. It was a show about a lot of things: politics, morality, survival, family. But as I've noted before, the really interesting thing about the fourth season of BSG was it's attempt to tackle the question "why do we stay alive?" And, Ron D. Moore provided an answer. We stay alive because all of this has some meaning, even if we don't really understand what it is. It's not a perfect answer, or even the one that a lot of people would agree with it. But it was the answer the writers and actors wanted, and I respect their commitment to the vision.
  6. Adama. I was so busy mentally assembling all the pieces that I kind of missed the emotional impact of the Old Man's final scene. But as I was lying in bed three hours later, the visual of Adama, alone with Roslin's grave, re-living their shared dream of a little cabin in the woods, hit me like a freight train. Pitch perfect. But, we've never gotten anything else from Edward James Olmos.
  7. Tigh. "YEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

I think, on balance, that I liked it. It was a great, flawed masterpiece of a show. Any ending was bound to be problematic. Still, it was a fitting send-off. A cryptic, slightly confusing, mildly enraging resolution to a show that never went for the easy answer.

What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks to io9 for the kickass photo.