Robot "cast" of Transformers 2 announced

We now have official confirmation of the robot lineup for Michael Bay's second Transformers flick. I offer these preliminary thoughts: GOOD: Jetfire is in it, giving the Autobots much-needed air combat abilities.

BAD: They made Jetfire old. Said Bay: “He’s old, craggy, forgetful … doesn’t work very well. Can’t transform very well, because he’s very geriatric. They get stuck with him a lot. He knows the plan of the bad guys, but he forgets all the good parts of the plan.” Laaaaaame.

BAD: Arcee. Otherwise known as the "pink" or "chick" Transformer, her entire franchise history is notable for adding exactly nothing to any story she's in.

BAD: "The Fallen", some sort of ancient mega-Transformer that holds the secret to blah blah blah. What is it about Earth and ancient crap from alien civilizations? We're like some kind of unwitting cosmic lost and found.

GOOD: Devastator. Giant engine of destruction made of six other Decepticons. Reportedly made Stephen Spielberg swear in delight. Awesome.

I'm pretty sure this movie is going to be as disappointing as the first one, but it will pretty cool to see Devastator beat up on stuff for 20 minutes.