Tuesday, 11:45AM is apparently the most stressful time of the week. I call shenanigans.

A new "study" by a bunch of British "researchers" found that Tuesday at 11:45AM is the peak stress-moment of the working week. According to the report:

Most workers coast through Monday getting their brain in gear and catching up with gossip from the weekend through social networking sites.

But on Tuesday reality sets in and staff spend the first part of the day going through emails they ignored on Monday before planning the week ahead.

And 11.45am is the point when everything comes to a head.

Graham Waters from health supplement Bimuno, which polled 3,000 adults, said: "Traditionally people associate Monday as the worst day of the week, but this doesn't seem to be the case – coasting through Monday means we're worse off on Tuesday – both in terms of workloads and stress levels.

I don't buy it. It is now precisely 11:45AM and I am experiencing the following feelings:

  1. Hunger
  2. Sleepiness
  3. Vague irritation
  4. Inexplicably itchy nose
  5. Slight boredom
  6. Concern over my shirt/tie match-up
  7. Ennui
  8. Cold feet (that's not a metaphor, my feet are actually cold...I think I should have worn thicker socks)
  9. Pigeon envy

You'll note "stress" is conspicuously absent from that list. Just remember, kids: science LIES.