I like George Clooney as a frog

Ocean's 11 was an entertaining flick, and anything with the Muppets in it is immediately awesome.  Not surprisingly, this mashup delivers the goodness:

Brad Pitt as Fozzy Bear? That works on like 17 levels.

Speaking of Muppets, I'm doing a new show at the Bad Dog Theatre called "Recession-ame Street". It's basically a look at a post-financiapocalypse Sesame Street, with lots of foul-mouthed puppets. It plays next Thursday at 8PM. Right now it's a one-off, but if we get a good turnout it may become a more regular deal.  So tell your friends! Bring your parents! And money!

Yes, a shameless plug. But just remember: I will never hype my own projects without giving you something funny to watch first.