Tonight! Recession-ame Street at the Bad Dog Theatre


Sorry about the lack of blogging, folks. My host's servers have been a touch sick all day. I blame swine flu.

But please, let me make it up to you.

Come to the Bad Dog Theatre @ 8PM for Recession-ame Street, and I will do my level best to entertain you. It's a riff on Sesame Street, set in a post-financial crisis world. There are puppets! And singing! And projected good times!

There are some awesome folks involved in this little show, too. Ashley Comeau, Devon Hyland, Chris Gibbs, Connor Thompson and Hannah Hogan will all be onstage making with the funny. And behind the scenes is director extraordinaire Carmine Lucarelli. I'm excited.

It's a one-time deal, but if enough of you come tonight it may become a regular gig. So please, bring you friends, lovers, vague acquaintances and age-old enemies. Hope to see you there.