Transformers and GI Joe to star on educational kids channel

Last Thursday, Discover Communications (owner of the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and The Science Channel) announced they were partnering with Hasbro (owner of Transformers, GI Joe, My Little Pony and Others) will be replacing Discovery Kids with a new educational channel featuring Hasbro characters. The hell?

The mind boggles. What are the new shows going to be called? "Optimus Prime's Wide World of Science"?  "Get Fit with Snake Eyes"? "Megatron's Sing-along Hour"? Bizarre. Plus, there's the added problem that any remotely educational message delivered by a Transformer is complicated by the fact that it's a thirty-foot tall robot whose very existence defies any number of physical laws. Talk about mixed messages.

Transformers were created for two reasons: a) to be awesome, and b) to sell toys. I can't imagine that "educating children" is going to fit very well with the first two.  Memo to Discovery: if you're going to sell out and convert your kids channel into a 24 hour commercial, then at least concoct a better cover story. Optimus Prime is very disappointed in your clumsy obfuscation.