WANT: The Practikilt

If you're like me, you're constantly faced with the difficult choise between celebrating your Scottish heritage and the need for an everyday garment that stands up to the rigours of an active lifestyle. Agonize no longer.

Some garment genius has come up with a perfect solution- the Practikilt.  All the calf-bearing fashion of a kilt, combined with the functionality of a good pair of work trousers. Witness the majesty:


Practikilts cost between $70 - $80. Unless you want the deluxe, all-leather version known as "The Warlord":


Awwwww, yeah! It's $379, but what price awesomeness? I mean, this thing works for everything from gala events to cleaving the skulls of your enemies. My declaration: brilliant!

Thanks to The Truth Theorem for the link.