En route to fail with the "Love Plane"

Japan Plane Fire Air New Zealand has just announces a special "love plane", which offers the following:

For a round-trip ticket price starting at $780, singles can mingle at a pre-launch party Oct. 13 at the Los Angeles airport before boarding a 13-hour flight, where food, drink, entertainment and games await. After landing, passengers will party at the Convention Centre in Auckland, which can be a prelude to travel in New Zealand with a chosen companion, presuming the couple has hit it off.

Seems like a nice idea, but for the fact that it rests on totally faulty logic. A flight like this presumably appeals to someone who is unable to meet a romantic partner without the aid of a totally over-the-top gimmick. This is likely due to the interaction of two or more of the following factors:

  1. Extreme awkwardness
  2. A personality disorder
  3. Poor personal hygiene

So, the logic goes, if you fill a plane with people like this, then everyone is bound to hit it off. Incorrect. In actual fact, the above attributes will be compounded into an untenable  melange of  human desperation and misdirected biology. Kind of like speed dating, but with the addition of uncomfortable seats and occasional turbulence.