Welcome to Movie Trailer Friday!

In the course of an average week, I come across a lot of cool movie trailer. But I usually don't post them, mostly because they don't really stand alone interest-wise. But as I awoke this morning, it occurred to me that I could combine many trailers into one awesome post. So here you go. The first-ever installment of Movie Trailer Friday.

First of is a trailer that actually came out last week, the spot for apocalyptic father-son tale, The Road. But since I love the book and because I'm very excited for the movie, here it is anyway:

Mmm. Bleak.

Next, we have the first look at the new Bruce Willis sci-fi flick, The Surrogates. It's based on the excellent comic by Robert Venditti, and looks pretty slick:

I'd hoped the production design would be a bit more Bladerunner-ish, but I think we can all agree that Bruce Willis looks better without hair.

On the animated side, here's the second trailer for Shane Acker's 9:

This movie looks amazing. And one of the characters is voiced by Crispin Glover, which more or less guarantees insanity.

This one is also a little stale, but well worth a look. It's for District 9, an aliens-on-Earth story and metaphor for intolerance. It's like Alien Nation, but way cooler looking.

I'm into it, but I can't help think setting the whole thing in South Africa is a bit on the nose.

Since TV also has trailers now, here's the teaser for ABC's remake of the classic (and cheesy) alien-invasion miniseries V:

Finally, lest you think I only watch dystopian or apocalytpic sci-fi, here's my pick-of-the-week. The trailer for indie Detective flick, Give 'Em Hell Malone. It just looks violent and cool and awesome:

Hard-boiled goodness. And bonus points for using Johnny Cash's rendition of "Rusty Cage".