Alien to get prequel

alien So it looks like the epic Alien series is getting a prequel. Tony Scott is producing, and Carl Rinsch (I haven't heard of him either) will direct.

I'm amenable to a new Alien flick, mostly to wash the bitter tang of Alien Vs. Predator 2 out of my consciousness. But I am a bit curious as to how they'll set up a prequel. They could invent another "first contact" scenario, but that would basically be a remake of the first movie with better special effects. Since the otherwise reprehensible AVP films also set a precedent for human/Alien contact in the 21st century, I suppose they could do something with that. But personally, I think the franchise works best as a space-opera-featuring-a-drool-monster tale. So, the far future is where I'd set it.

And the big question: will Ripley be back? I'm guessing not. Unless it's "young Ripley" played by Keira Knightley. I'd be pretty OK with that.