William Shatner as art

Bill Shatner's epic freak-out on genetically engineered, bare-chested super jerk Khan Noonien Singh (Khaaaaaan! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!) is now an iconic sci-fi moment and ubiquitous pop-culture reference. But now, thanks to an enterprising artists, it's also the strangest art film of 2009. Daniel Martinico took Kirk's outburst and stretched it into a 15 minute film. Sounds insane, right? Maybe a total waste of time? How about the MOST POWERFUL FORM OF MIND CONTROL KNOWN TO MAN:

That's a two minute bootleg clip, and it caused me to pass out on the floor and lose 20 minutes of time. Can you imagine watching the whole thing, on a big screen? I think my brain would liquefy and ooze out of my ears. The mind boggles at the potential for a Shatner-based super-weapon.

Also, after watching all the little muscles twitch and pull on Shatner's face, I have a whole new appreciation for him as an actor. Go figure.

Read more at LA Weekly. Via Kottke.