It warms the heart

If you've been following the news out of the UK recently, you probably know that two members of the far-right racist douchebag British National Party were elected to the European Parliament. A depressing outcome precipated by a recession, political scandal, and historically low voter turnout. It's unfortunate that, when things start going south, reason takes a holiday. See also: Weimar Germany. Anyhoo, I was feeling rather glum about this until I my Google Reader offered up this little nugget:


That's Evolutionary-Throwback-in-Chief of the BNP Nick Griffin, fleeing from an egg-wielding crowd of protesters. Nick was supposed to give a press conference about something idiotic, but was instead greeted by chants of "Off our streets, Nazi Scum." Well said. And it looks like he's about to cry!

So, there's hope yet. As long as we're willing to show up and egg - both metaphorically and physically - dangerous morons, then it may be harder for this vermin to insinuate themselves in our public lives.