YouTube launches "Call-to-Action Overlay"

If you spend any time on YouTube, you've probably noticed the overlay ads that now appear at the bottom of the video. Annoying, sure. But great if you're an advertiser. Thankfully, the video-sharing site is now empowering regular users with similar functionality. Instead of a banner ad, users can now direct viewers to a website of their choice.

It's amazing we're only now getting this feature. But now that we have it, there are all kinds if fun implications for social marketers, politicians, and third-sectorites. You can post up a high-impact video and ad a link to a campaign or fundraising website. And if your video happens to get posted on a variety of sites, or even goes viral, that's some traffic payola right there.

It took them long enough, but this small change will make a big difference to YouTube's efficacy as an advocacy and

marketing tool.