There are so many things wrong with this ad, I don't know where to start.

Wow. Just wow. There are a lot of idiotic banner ads floating around out there. But this one takes the cake:

bizarro ad

I will attempt - attempt - to break down this insanity.

  1. The "Classic" - The "before" and "after" shots clearly depict different women. This type of chicanery is common to many of these "lose inches in hours" and "yodel your way thin" ads. But this is a particularly amateurish attempt. The women have different colour hair, different bikinis, and vastly different skin tone. Somebody went fishing for images on the Internet to produce this ad. Too bad that person was an idiot.
  2. Grammar Shenanigans - This ad is cursed by a rather perplexing headline: 1 Sexy Stomach Rule: Obey. The location of the colon suggests that whatever follows it will, in fact, be the aforementioned sexy stomach rule. But instead of a handy weight loss tip, we get a one word imperative. OBEY. Obey what? The ten commandments? Your parents? National Socialism? I've seen a lot of diets in my day, but this is the first that seems to contain an implicit endorsement of totalitarianism.
  3. The Clincher - In themselves, the first two problems add up to a seriously defective advertisement. But this last one kills it: THE WOMEN IN THE FIRST PICTURE IS OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT. So what are we supposed to conclude here? The sexy stomach secret is to give birth to the child growing in your womb? I don't debate that childbirth is a spectacularly effective way to instantly lose ten pounds, but I suspect this will only work for the proportion of the female population who, as they say, "is with child" at any given moment. For everyone else, going through the trouble of getting pregnant, carrying the child to term, and then birthing it seems like a curiously circuitous and unnecessarily complicated weight loss program. And once you add "OBEY" into the mix, this whole thing just gets upsetting.

So bravo, unknown ad creator. Your sheer incompetence has created one of the most perplexing visual riddles in the history of human communication.