The continuing metamorphosis of Nunc Scio

A blog is a hungry beast. It demands content with a fierce, insatiable yowl. And yes, dear reader, I have forced my own savage creature into a summer of fasting and fad diets. Yes, I have been remiss in my blogging duties over the summer. But it was not all idle time. I've been thinking about what I want this blog to be, and the kinds of stuff I want to post. So, some new(ish) developments:

  • The return of THE LINKER. Back by popular demand, Nunc's daily roundup of interesting links.
  • More reviews. Movies, books, music, video games...I'll be sharing more of my thoughts on pop cultural ephemera. You know, because I'm a raving egoist and I suspect - nay, I am convinced - you need my opinions like mana from heaven.
  • Essays. I like writing long stuff, but I'm lazy. So this is a way to force me to write more and write better.

Also, I'm always keen on publishing the writing of friends and allies. Got an idea for an essay/review? Get in touch.

So there you go. Enjoy!