The inevitable iPad post

ipad In short: I want one. I was skeptical at first, maybe even a bit standoffish. But once I saw the word processor functionality, the handy keyboard dock, and the price ($499 base, $599 for the one I'd want), I was sold. For a guy who does a lot of writing and jotting on the go, this just makes so much sense. In fact, this could be an excellent home computer for about 90 per cent of users- folks who just need a web/media browser. The brilliance of this thing is that it hits the most lucrative emerging computing market - those who use it for entertainment and recreation - so squarely, it's like a tactical nuclear strike.

I'm getting a bit fanboyish, so I'll stop before I drool all over my lame, so-last-year, physical keyboard.

As usual, Gizmodo has a nice round up of all the details. I also enjoy MightyGodKing's take.

If you have money to burn, this video will make you want one, too.