Liveblog: all night playwritin'

5:58 AM: Printed. And now, I sleep. 4:52 AM: I think I'm just about done this thing. I've lost all ability to judge how good it is. It's in the director's hands now. The director's patient, patient hands.

4:10 AM:

IMG_0101 Hell.

4:01 AM: Blargh.

3:33 AM: I now have a draft. Let the improvening begin. Look how excited I am:

Photo on 2010-03-12 at 03.34

3:15 AM: A thought occurs: everything I write is garbage.

2:29 AM: I am always impressed by the massive urinal here. A family of vacationing Belgians could live in there for a week if they wanted.


Also, may now be going a little squirrely.

1:41 AM: There was jerky!

12:41 AM: I've got about a page and a half now. I only have one actor, so the whole thing is a sort of long monologue. I don't much envy the poor sod who has to memorize all of the bleating. We're coming up to the traditional 1AM snack run, so I can get away from this thing for a few minutes. What wonders will I find at the corner store? Do they have jerky? Will it even be open? So many questions.

11:48 PM: We have video!

Note to self: the cradled-laptop shot is not the most flattering.

11:08 PM: I have a title! And a character name! Are they good? Probably not! God, this is fun. All the angst of writing compressed into eight hours.

10:35 PM: It begins. I've received my room and actor assignments. I will be writing for the chapel. This is both delicious irony and a happy turn of events, since it can seat a lot of people. I am nothing if not an egoist. For posterity, here's a picture of my looking happy and caffeinated after completing the obligatory Timmy's run:

Photo on 2010-03-11 at 22.35

And now, I begin the random stream of consciousness that will loosely resemble a play.