So, my dog MacDuff (aka Duffer, Duffly, or any other permutation you can think of), passed away this morning. He had a good long life, didn't suffer, and was surrounded by family when he finally bid us all adieu. For a dog with such a big heart, it seems right that it was his heart that wore out first. He ran that sucker at full tilt for ten years, and I guess he got everything out of it he could.

I rarely post anything personal on this site (uncomfortable as I am with what you might call "human emotion"), but I thought I'd put up a few words of tribute to the old guy.  There was so much to love about MacDuff - his affection for every single person everywhere, his ability to give high-fives, his abiding gentleness. But today, I'm especially grateful for the lessons he taught me. The most important one was this: live your life completely attentive and open to the people that you care about most. I'm not sure if MacDuff was a big-picture kind of guy, but he knew what was important and never lost sight of it. Not during thunderstorms, not while  barking at nothing in the back yard, not even while eating. And he liked to eat. As someone given to bouts of cynicism and self absorption, this is something I need to remember. So, thanks for that, buddy. Thanks for everything, really.

And in case I didn't tell you enough: you're a good boy, MacDuff. I'll miss you.